Is the Tooth Fairy Real Mum?

The other day my son lost one of his back teeth and the Tooth Fairy paid him a visit and left him £1.


Tooth Fairy


A few days later he discovered the tooth as the Tooth Fairy must have dropped it.


So he decided to run a little experiment… This is what he told me


“I’m going to put my tooth back under my pillow. IF the Tooth Fairy is real, she won’t remember she’s already given me a some money for this tooth, as she collects hundreds of teeth a night, so she’ll give me another £1. IF she isn’t real, she won’t leave me anything and either the tooth will still be there or it’ll go but no money!”


But what he failed to realise was… the Tooth Fairy has a VERY good memory and remember each tooth and whether she left any money!


The following morning he woke up to this note from the Tooth Fairy



Dear Ryan
Thank you for finding the tooth I dropped. Sadly I cannot give you another £1 as it is one per tooth
Your friend
The Tooth Fairy

Now he knows, the Tooth Fairy IS real!!!

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