How to Block Games on Facebook

Facebook is great for reconnecting with friends, family, old schoolfriends, old neighbours and old friends as well as a way to make new friends from all over the world. But another thing facebook is good at, is free social games.


By their very design, social games are designed as games which require help to perform tasks or to send items in order to play the game. Of course this brings other problems, the main one is that it can result in those that don’t play games having lots of requests which can get very annoying. Often the person playing the game cannot control who they send requests to, especially if they have lots of friends, and it’s easy just to send requests to everyone in their friends list, meaning lots of annoying requests for those that don’t play.


However there is an easy way to stop getting these annoying games. All you have to do is BLOCK them and then not only will you not get requests, you won’t see any mention of the game in your newsfeed!


So how do you block games?


It’s really easy to do and only takes a few seconds.


First of all log into your facebook account. Look down the left hand column until you come across APPS and click GAMES underneath it.


block facebook games


This will take you to the APP CENTRE so just look down the list until you find REQUESTS near the bottom and click on it.


block facebook games


This will bring you to the REQUESTS page where you can see all your games request.


Choose the game you want to block and just click on the X beside the PLAY NOW.


block facebook games


Clicking the X just ignores the request, so now we want to block the game so that you don’t have anymore requests.


So just click on BLOCK


block facebook games


A pop-up will now appear asking if you are sure you want to block the game. Just click on CONFIRM


block facebook games 5


Finally just click on CLOSE on the next pop-up to block the game and you’ve finished.


block facebook games 6


That’s it! You have now blocked the game! You will now no longer receive requests or even see the game in your newsfeed. If you have more just follow the steps again until all your games are blocked. If  you can’t see anymore but REQUESTS still shows you have more, then just click on it again to see the rest.



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