The Internet Free Town

Last week, there were groans from almost every house in my town.


The whole town seemed to ground to a halt.


On nearly all routers around the town. A steady red light glowed indicating that there was a fault with the internet.


The whole town was unconnected!


no internet connection


Children moaned that they couldn’t play their online games and when parents commented that  they didn’t have internet when they were children, children were shocked. They couldn’t imagine life without the internet and told parents they must’ve been so bored.


no internet no life


If you needed gas or electric and were on a prepayment meter, then you were lucky if you could get a top-up or pay for shopping with your card, as the machines needed the internet to work! Thankfully when I needed some cash the hole-in-the-wall allowed me to get some out.


It’s not just the people who are affected by an internet outage. I dread to think how much money shops lost each day we were without internet! What about those who work from home or are unable to pay bills?


You don’t realise how much we rely on the internet, until it disappears!!!


When I phoned my ISP (Internet Service Provider) they tried telling me that there was no fault on my line and that the problem must be at my end. He also told me he would email me instructions! This made me laugh as I couldn’t access my emails without the internet!!!


no internet



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